Honeybuns, Gluten Free, Cake Mix, ReviewWhen Honeybuns release a new Gluten Free cake, product or new recipe i always get excited, their treats are always well thought out, stylish and now, will always be gluten free- with the change of the gluten free oats in their flapjacks! Something which shows that they really care about their wider audience.

I was sent through their new Honeybuns Gluten Free Cake Mix to try which makes a plain sponge and can be altered to suit any occasion with the handy ‘idea’ leaflet which is enclosed in the tube. This, and the tube itself was so stunningly designed, that i really didn’t want to throw it away. So it’s being kept in my cupboard as a measuring cup holder. These cake mixes would be an excellent gift idea for any lover of baking.

Honeybuns, Gluten Free, Cake Mix, Review

The cake mix itself is so simple, two small bags that you combine in a bowl, add two eggs and melted butter and you’re off to gluten free heaven. I made the Lemon Loaf Cake option which was on the handy leaflet, i added the zest of 1 lemon to the mix and a teaspoon of oil. Popped it in the oven for 40 minutes and hey presto- foolproof cake. The kind of cake i love. I then followed the recipe for syrup and topped it with some icing sugar and lemon juice drizzle icing. My hubby’s favourite. Honeybuns also informed me that if you want to make this dairy free too just ‘substitute the butter with the same quantities of soya margarine or oil.”

Honeybuns, Gluten Free, Cake Mix, Review

This is such a good mix to just have in the cupboard, and although it’s a little expensive (£4.99) , the ingredients are very good quality as well as the instructions and packaging that would be a waste to throw out! This will be a thankful addition to my ever increasing drama of what to get people for christmas, as it caters to all sorts of audiences.

For more details on where to buy Honeybuns products please hop on over to their website.

This product was sent to me complimentary to review but did no way impact on my opinion of the product.