My fiance doesn’t eat breakfast. Well. There is only a few exceptions in his point of view, it’s either Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine; the latter being a favourite of mine i have to say. Every other option however is a complete no go unless it involves eating a caramel waffle from Starbucks. I do try to enforce healthier options, or even just something so he does eat breakfast, but some people just can’t do the damn meal.

It’s one of my favorites. I love waking up to a new day, with my tea and toast armed.

You can make it whatever you want it to be really and for me, it makes the whole waking up experience just a bit more pleasurable.

So the day after i made the Lemon and Manuka honey meringue pie i had some left over egg yolks and made this beauty:


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Gotta love leftovers.

Your breakfast of choice?