Thought i’d do a little update on the Honeybuns Gluten Free Cookbook.

What a wonderful recipe for Custard Creams.

I made some hearts with the biscuit mixture, you can do the custard cream filling too but after munching about 4 of them after coming out of the oven i didn’t quite get there. It’s a great recipe for just a gluten free biscuit and i’ve been told by other bloggers that they’ve had successful creations by adding in some spices, lemon additions, even replacing custard powder with cornflour works a treat.

I found this recipe a godsend really, time after time of countless biscuits ending up either ridiculously hard and inedible or turning into crumbly messes. Something you can make for the office for any gluten intolerant who can’t have a Krispy Kreme or Danish pastry on a friday.

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I would love to share with you the recipe, but i feel Honeybuns deserves all the credit they can get for making a truly great book. Perhaps they’ll share it one day on their Facebook page, but i urge you to buy the book- after all, nothings better than a cookbook in your hands to read on sunday mornings that you really cherish and read over and over again.

I’m sure you will understand.