Hello… is anyone there?

I feel like every time I pick up my laptop to write something for the blog it’s apologising for the fact i’ve not kept it going. It took me a long time to get over that feeling of guilt. The truth is, I worked so hard to keep Wuthering Bites ticking over but really I needed to put it down and focus on life with my son Flynn. He is my shining light, a wild thing, a ball of wonderful energy. I’ve actually truly loved not having to ‘worry’ about the next Instagram or blog post for two, almost three years.

Now life has halted and my boy is almost two next month (wow), perhaps I should start typing now and again. Telling you some stories. I do miss it.

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We moved to Dorset back in November 2019. It was led by my husbands new job . We always wanted to move to the countryside. That’s not to say I hated Bristol, oh no no no. So many things make Bristol one of my favourite places and we still made day trips before the lockdown (Covid19). I was anxious about making new friends, crying some nights about whether it was the right decision. Battling all kinds of amateur renovation problems that you always encounter with a new house, like if you pull out an AGA that heats the whole home before Christmas it’s most likely you’ll be living without heat throughout the winter.

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When I was young I visited the Dorset coast with my family, Studland Bay, Durdle Door, Corfe Castle and Lyme Regis. After my mum died we never really visited those places much as a family again. I was always drawn to Dorset by those very distant memories, I would always think fondly of the county.

We moved to Sherborne, a village that is just of the cusp of Dorset, which is great if you want to explore Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire. At a stretch you could make it to the New Forest which is also one of my happy places. We thought it would be a good starting point to explore and see whether we liked it here. Unfortunately due to the Covid19 lockdown taking place currently, we don’t know if we’ll be open to exploring much this year as we’d planned.

Some interesting facts about Dorset.

I love a fact…

The Dorset Naga chilli is one of the hottest chilli’s in the world.

A village called Howell is home to the UK’s oldest post box.

The world’s earliest radio station was invented here. In 1897 the first radio transmission was sent and received from Bournemouth.

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During the lockdown i’ve completed the typical quarantine checklist, started growing a few vegetables, made banana bread, prepared an activity for the toddler to lose interest in, and yes, you guessed it, started something I was meant to do for ages – write a blog again. So here we are, coming to you live from Dorset, if you’d like to see what we’re up to renovation wise I did start a new Instagram over at @ahouseindorset but i’m sure i’ll be writing something more about that soon over here.

Take care and stay safe. Here’s to getting inspired to type again…

Sarah x