On the Wuthering Bites Facebook Page I’ve been starting to give some advice on what to buy or offer Gluten free friends and family for Christmas. This Christmas I’ve decided to prepare a lot in advance, unlike last year where i was unfortunately in an immense rush to the shops after work, every day for a week prior to Christmas day. Not recommended.

So as well as giving advice on Facebook and Twitter I’ve naturally decided to do a two part list on the blog on everything that I’ve seen that will aid your gluten free Christmas this year. A round up of my favourite things that hopefully will either reconfirm that they are gluten free or give you some new ideas this year.

This part will focus on my favourite thing; Chocolate.

Lets begin!

The Best Gluten Free Advent Calendars

My first choice for a Gluten free advent calendar is a rather luxurious one, I suppose it’s me hoping that my husband will get us one this Christmas, unfortunately I didn’t get one last year- due to him saying that advent calendars aren’t for adults? I’m sorry, but I will do everything in my power to have an excuse for chocolate.

So here’s the solution for the adults, The Truffles for Two Advent Calendar.

Although a tad expensive, these choccys from Hotel Chocolat never fail to please me. These chocolates really count down those days.

Hotel Chocolat also do simple Milk, White and Dark versions but if you’re going to go luxury darling, you may as well aid the ‘How much’ yelp from your partner by saying ‘but it’s chocolate for BOTH OF US’. I’ve thought this through, obviously.

My less expensive choice is for the kids, and if you like to have things that look traditional round the home instead of say, a Transformers Advent Calendar.  The Thorntons Children’s Advent Calender is very sweet this year, and I like the element of personalisation of icing the big Christmas day chocolate with a name. Free from gluten, artificial colours and flavourings.

The Best Gluten Free Chocolates

After the whole discovery of finding out that Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s may contain traces of gluten, and indeed most of Cadbury’s chocolate, it’s fair to say I shall be avoiding Cadbury’s this Christmas. Although Roses boxes and tins I believe are gluten free, I am always skeptical now of ‘cereals’ in their allergies information, but of course I may be just venting at the fact I cannot have my beloved Chocolate Orange this Christmas.


gluten free, orange, chocolate, matchmakersTo satisfy my Terry’s Chocolate Orange craving this year, I shall be sticking to the gluten free Quality Street Zingy Orange Matchmakers.

So incredibly addictive, and a box of these (or the mint ones) will cure any temptation for a tin of gluten chocolate being handed round. Also Wilkinsons have a good deal at the moment.

Quality Street boxes are safe, BUT I believe they are to have only a small amount of Barley Malt Extract, which should be okay for Coeliac’s, but I would still be aware of this.

Celebrations tins are a no go.

To satisfy anyone’s chocolate craving there are lots of gluten free alternatives:

All Toberlones are completely gluten free, and who wouldn’t be happy with a massive bar of that?!

A cheap alternative for Christmas this year, which I found while I was building my sweet table for my wedding, is via the Chocolate Buttons website. If you go to their Christmas section, and select ‘Gluten Free’ under their allergen filter, you can create your own gluten free Christmas mixture! All their standard chocolates are very good quality. A nice alternative from the main brands too.gluten free , christmas, chocolatesFor a more luxurious selection, after trying their chocolates in Paris I cannot highly recommend La Maison du Chocolat enough. These Hat boxes are pure indulgence.

And if you’re looking for Christmas tree decorations, How about this kit from Cocoapod Chocolates to design your own?

What gluten free chocolate treats do you like to get at Christmas? List them below or tweet me @wbites and I’ll add them to the list!

Gluten Free Christmas part two will feature the best gluten free crackers and nibbles, mince pies and Christmas puddings/alternatives… stay tuned 🙂