nature's, path, cereal, o's, review, gluten free

To be honest, i’m not a massive cereal fan.

Over the last year i’ve kinda craved it on and off now and then, but oddly never really crave it in the morning. I’m one of those strange people that has it at 11 o’clock at night.

Nature’s Path offered me to sample some of their cereals, O’s and Maple Sunrise, the O’s being targeted at children and the latter at adults.

nature's, path, cereal, o's, review, gluten free

The Gluten Free O’s are like it’s gluten counterpart Cheerios, made with organic corn and whole grain rice but you really couldn’t tell the difference. I could nom these down till the cows come home (or demand their milk back). They really are addictive. Crunchy and sweet, even without sugar.

Throughout the day i would reach in the box and dig out a handful to nibble on. Yum.

Not only are these good as cereal, but the obsessive sweet tooth i am thought how good they would be brilliant to put in a rocky road recipe or to wizz up and use as a quick biscuit base. -I’ll give this a go in the next few weeks to see how my experimentation goes.

nature's, path, cereal, o's, review, gluten free

The adult cereal Maple Sunrise, is equally delicious, slightly more wholesome with quinoa, buckwheat, flax and amaranth added to the equation. The maple syrup makes it sweet enough to use without adding any more sugar. Perfect with a big dollop of Plain yoghurt.

Nature’s Path have done an exceptionally great job at making cereals that are healthy and catering to all ages and needs, i would say that the only negative is that they are so addictive. I’m running out rather fast already…!


Even though these cereal’s were given to me free to sample, this did not effective my opinion of them what so ever.