If you are a Coeliac or on a Gluten Free diet there is nothing more stressful that planning a Gluten Free Christmas- as if christmas was stressful enough. It may not be for some people, who are all clued up in whats gluten free or not, but if you are starting out it can be quite a cafuffle; the same can also be said for anyone who is having a coeliac or gluten free guest over for Christmas this year. There is nothing worse than heading to the supermarket the weeks prior to the christmas break and being surrounded by other crazed shoppers while you are endlessly hunting the aisles or indeed- the backs of the products to search for the allergen box. Wouldn’t it just be good to have it all planned? WELL how about an ickle gluten free round up? Here are a few things i would recommend getting this year… I hope you’ve got your shopping list at the ready…

Gluten Free Christmas Cake and Pudding

I’m not a massive fan of christmas cake or pudding (dare i say!) but some of the free from products have truly shined this year.

The Sainburys Free From Iced Rich Fruit Slices are the perfect solution if, like me, you find christmas cake all a bit too much!

Hale and Hearty Gluten Free, Christmas Pudding,

If you were organised you would have already ‘stirred up’ your homemade christmas pudding but if you’re keen to buy a separate gluten free christmas pudding for the party i would highly recommend the Hale & Hearty Gluten Free Christmas Pudding. Full of flavour but not too rich and boozy which some store bought puddings can be like. This is the perfect pud to add on that brandy for a flaming finish.

Gluten Free Mince Pies 

udi's, gluten free, mince, pies

The Udi’s Gluten Free Mince Pies (Avaliable currently in Tesco’s) have an excellent rich taste in the centre, if you like your mince pie crust to be quite soft and sugary then these are perfect. I tried these with custard and i was in heaven. However if i was to have mince pies with ice cream/ cream or on their own, i would want something with a firmer crust and i feel that the …

Marks and Spencer’s Gluten Free Mince Pies work for me, just like last year but with a revamped -even more buttery pastry crust. They tick all the boxes for me..



Gluten Free Nibbles / Starters

The Udi’s Ancient Grain Crisps, as mentioned in my previous review of their products are an excellent alternative to typical snacking crisps, the jalapeno cheddar flavour would be great with a sour cream dip and should be adored even by gluten eaters!

Here’s also a handy list from M&S on all those helpful nibbly party food sausages, trimmings, roasting joints which are gluten free this year.

Gluten Free Advent Calendars / Chocolate / Biscuits

Sainsburys have all sorts of great free from christmas treats this year including a very cute Free From Advent Calendar out this year, it’s nut free, dairy free and gluten free and it looks absolutely cracking. Not sure on the verdict of the chocolate yet..you’ll have to wait until December 1st!

The Sainsbury’s Panettone loaf cake is an amazing idea! I actually got all fuzzy inside when i saw this. It’s great cut into slices, popped in the oven for 30 seconds and served with lots of brandy cream. Delicious.

Other Free From sugary treats from Sainsbury’s this year include Mini Chocolate Yule Logs, Choc Discs, Santa Chocolate Bars which are fantastic for popping into any stocking!


If you’re like me and can’t resist an After Dinner Mint Choccy, i’m rather addicted to the Marks and Spencer Mint Chocolate Twigs. I also don’t think you can go wrong with the Hotel Chocolat Alternative Mince Pies for an extra indulgent treat.

Gluten Free Hampers / Christmas Gift Ideas

The Really Truly Gluten Free Hampers are great affordable hampers to treat anyone with, whether they have a gluten intolerance or not! I particularly love the ‘Italian Night In’ Hamper. Perfect for something a bit different to marzipan and the like!

Keeping it Local- The Arch House Deli Gluten Free Hamper looks simply divine this year and i may have to buy one just for myself. Particularly loving the featured Kent and Fraser savoury biscuits to go with cheese- something which would be amazing if you were preparing a dinner party cheese course for a gluten free guest/coeliac. A gluten free cracker or biscuit for a slice of cheese is highly appreciated.


Marks and Spencer’s have a Classic Clarent with Gluten Free Festive Treats Hamper. These also feature the mince pie and biscuits again. Would make a great gift or a good way to quickly stock up on some gluten free essentials if ordering other M&S food online; only available for delivery between 16th to 23rd December 2013.

Gluten Free Christmas Dinner

Gluten Free, free from, beef gravy

The Sainsbury’s Free From Beef Gravy is the perfect meaty gravy that you need to accompany any special roast dinner so if you aren’t a master of making the gravy from scratch and adding the Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour to thicken, then i would recommend getting a pack of this and popping it in the microwave. That flour is essential for anyone who’s cooking for someone who is gluten intolerant or Coeliac, you can pretty much opt in this flour every time you would normally use regular flour in general cooking.

If you prefer packet stuffing for convenience then i would grab a pack of the Mrs Crimbles Sage and Onion Stuffing, a relative of mine bought a packet of this one year and didn’t notice a major difference to the Paxo boxes you get; which is always good to know as having to make and buy separate gluten free additions isn’t going to help anyones budget or time this Christmas.

You could always make your own Gluten Free stuffingmy recipe i created last year is easy, simple and tastes way better than packet bought!

gluten free, yorkshire pudding

For the most epic Yorkshire pudding i would recommend making your own ones (the prepacked DS Gluten free ones just don’t have that yumminess in my opinion). Try using this great recipe by Adriana from Gluten Free 4 Kids– never fails for me!

Kallo Stock Cubes are all gluten free (double check on the stock pots) which is worthy to note when doing your christmas shop.

I hope this blog has been some help for sorting your Gluten Free Christmas or options this year! Look out for posts in the next couple of weeks for more gluten free christmas food inpiration!