I’m wrapped.

As they say in Australia, well at least in Masterchef Australia, which has thankfully started once again to my delight! If you haven’t seen the Australian Version i highly recommend you do!

Firstly it’s so fantastic to see another, gluten free convenience product bought to a chain coffee shop, the amount of times i have been stuck in the city centre without a substantial lunch offering is reaching the thousands. The new Costa Gluten Free British Chicken & Basil Wrap, certified by Coeliac UK is a truly welcome addition. I feel the uproar of  happiness from the Coeliac and gluten intolerant community.. this is what we wanted, more healthy (ish) lunch choices, less brownies, less sugar and less of the only savoury option of just crisps for a lunch. It was beginning to get frustrating. If i see another brownie or lemon and polenta cake… 

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Thankfully there has been much more experimentation from the chain world, with new desserts that aren’t just fruit, and now Costa have provided us with a wonderful British Chicken and Basil Salad Gluten Free Wrap.
The wrap itself: Delicious, these are supplied to Costa from Newburn Bakehouse– so you know you’re in for a treat if you’ve tried these before!
The filling: Could have done with slightly more chicken and salad (one side of mine was mostly just wrap) and seasoning but i thought it was a very good lunch portion and very tasty. It tasted very fresh and was easy to eat- i could imagine this being very popular in places like theme parks and airports- perfect.
The price: Very fair. £3.75p isn’t bad at all, especially in comparison to some of the gourmet sandwich offering offered in my area. This is perfectly acceptable for a gluten free wrap and i’m sure lots will happily pay for this when all else to offer in the area is straight up junk.
A pleasant addition to Costa chains all over the land and the best gluten free offering i’ve tasted in a while. I bought one again the next day…recommended.
If you get to pick up one of the wraps, let me know what you think on Twitter or Facebook 🙂
I was given a voucher to review this product but it did no way impact on my review or my choice to try the product, as always it is a completely honest opinion and decision.