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I love having a garden. After having moved into our new house, we were lucky to be blessed with a bountiful fruit and vegetable patch that the previous owners had left well maintained for us to continue.

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I had to get my green fingers out and read many gardening books and blog posts on maintaining and remedying particular plants and i’m glad to say i’ve really taken to it and added to the patch some lettuce, more herbs and sown some chilli seeds courtesy of Wahaca London who gave out some seeds after our recent dinner there. (Blog coming soon) Let’s hope i don’t destroy my plants and that they continue to grow. Here’s hoping!

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Our first BBQ in our garden was quite aptly accompanied by an ice lolly kit that was sent to me from Sainsburys HQ. I have to say i was very very excited when this arrived, like a kid in a treehouse. ‘LOOK AT THE COLOURS’ i said with glee in front of my poor husband who quite frankly wasn’t taking to the ice lolly idea.. it’s too childish he said…

Strawberry, Sangria, Ice Lollies, Grown up lollies, gluten free, dessert, fruity,

My mind turned to alcohol. It had been a hard day of gardening and DIY! In a bid to get my husband to try an ice lolly i went to the strawberry patch and picked a punnet along with some mint. After a bit of whizzing in a food processor with now, one of our favourite wines from Sainsburys – Coolwater Bay -Sauvignon Blanc 2013, the strawberry sangria ice lolly was born. Enjoy…

Strawberry, Sangria, Ice Lollies, Grown up lollies, gluten free, dessert, fruity,

Gluten Free Strawberry Sangria Ice Lollies

(Makes enough for 6, or 4 and a glass leftover to drink)

6 Big Strawberries (To blend)

260ml Cloudy Lemonade

100ml White Wine

1 Leaf of Mint

Teaspoon of Caster Sugar

3 Strawberries (sliced)

Ice lolly mould (I used a Sainsbury’s Ice lolly mould)

In a food processor, or with a hand blender, whiz together the 6 big strawberries, cloudy lemonade, white wine, mint and caster sugar until well combined and smooth.

You may wish to now put the mixture through a sieve if you feel the mint bits are too large or you’d like them to be smoother. I left my mixture as it was.

Assemble the sliced strawberries so that they stick into each side of the ice lolly mould sections (this will make the strawberry visible when eating) I like to put one in each side and make them quite chunky, as the fruit would be in a sangria.

Pour over the sangria mixture until just under the top to avoid any spillages when moving and to avoid lots of freezing around the handle sticks.

Place into a freezer for 8 hours but ideally overnight.

Remove from the freezer and place under a warm tap for 30 seconds before removing.

Enjoy in the sunshine!

Strawberry, Sangria, Ice Lollies, Grown up lollies, gluten free, dessert, fruity,

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