Whilst i sit in bed, suffering the tail end of what is possibly the worst case of the flu & bronchitis that i hope never to experience again in my lifetime, i thought i may as well write a short blog to see in the new year with you; it’s just me and the antibiotics this year! You may, or may not have noticed things have been a bit quiet here in Wuthering Bites world, i’m really not making any excuses but these past few months have really been tough and when things get tough- you just got to do what’s best for you at the time; i needed the hiatus.

Here’s a short round up of what i loved, gluten free wise this year:

Gluten Free on the Great British Bake Off

gluten free, pitta bread

I think we were all anticipating the health fad approach that this episode may have spurred but the Free From episode was a delight to watch really. The media are still confused and in a pickle about how to approach this whole area but i think 2016 could be the year?! Just remember folks that agave nectar and all that other syrup crap – still doesn’t make it sugar free…

Here’s a link to Paul Hollywood’s Gluten Free Pitta Bread recipe from the episode.

A Gluten Free TV advert by Tesco

It’s all such an emergency! Gluten free people are coming! Hurry up and get to Tesco. I still find delight, despite the odd set up of the story, that this had hit telly boxes nationwide and online. I have to say that Tesco’s have really stepped up their free from convenience products game this year and alongside the advert it must have certainly helped those gluten free family ’emergencies’.

The Rise of Gluten Free Beer

gluten free beer, gluten free blog uk,

Everyone knows my tipple is a straight up Gin and Tonic but i have delighted in the fact that many of the standard supermarkets stock 2 or 3 gluten free beers now. A great feeling for beer loving coeliacs who have such a wonderful choice now. One of my favourites has been Marks & Spencers Gluten Free Belguim Premium Pilsner.

Gluten Free on Jamie Oliver’s Website

gluten free, jamie oliver

Love or hate him, his website is an incredible go-to source for naturally gluten free recipes as well as more elaborate baking ones. It’s clear and easy to navigate through, the photos make me want to cook the dish instantly and there are some really helpful videos here. This nutrition guidance page is a neat way to start too…

Chain Restaurants

chain restaurants, gluten free

Don’t get me wrong, i love my independent restaurants over on Gluten Free Bristol and will always support them wholeheartedly but i do feel this year i have swayed for going to chain restaurants slightly more this year at lunchtimes due to the accessibility of clearly laid out gluten free menus, knowledgeable staff and with my IBS and anxiety when eating out these really have made my eating out experiences enjoyable. Here are my top 3:

Pizza Express – Menu is the same for all – easy labelling and knowledgeable staff. Coeliac UK accredited.

Carluccio’s – Separate gluten free menu for all day. The only place in a shopping centre i can guarantee a gluten free menu for breakfast/brunch. Coeliac UK accredited.

Ed’s Easy Diner – My first gluten free hot dog was had here this year. An American diner with a gluten free menu is a wonderful thing… And the milkshakes aren’t bad either 😉

What are your personal favourite gluten free things/moments/highlights of 2015, was there a particularly amazing meal you had? Let me know over at @wbites!