Right now, I’m on a beautiful beach enjoying my 4th year wedding anniversary with my lovely husband. I’m ever so thankful for this.

Mauritius, palm tree, view
I’m not normally a strictly beach holiday kinda person- I like to be able to do things, mostly to take my mind off of work and life problems. That’s kind of what my blog Wuthering Bites was about too – I would use this escape as a way to make myself work. In a kind of screwed up way I found myself coming back from holiday with a huge list of recipes, restaurants I’d visited and things to write about, which I used to love. Since January I hadn’t felt that spark as I had previously with my blog, no creativity and most of all I have had no energy to make beautiful food photos or write up my life month by month. It’s not because I’m finished with my blog but I’m not having fun anymore. I found myself with only opportunities to review products, and although I’m grateful for these, this has kind of disrupted my activity and willingness to post.
I love social media, this is why it is my job as well, so I still regularly keep updates here and will continue to do so. The plan? To create a better blog space for my audience and me. Sometimes all you need is a good old revamp. My blog is changing and for the better, definitely gluten free of course- always but maybe more of the things I love and would love to write about as well as giving good ole advice. Like stories of my ever increasing love for creating themed music playlists on Spotify, how my cat loves to sit in pizza boxes or how Masterchef Australia is the best Masterchef series of them all. 
See ya in a few months… 🙂