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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get some simple clarity on Gluten Free in Restaurants and Cafes in your area?

It’s just, sometimes i go onto their websites and although there may be a Gluten free option -where is the GF logo next to it?

There’s a (V) next to vegetarian options. So why not a simple GF? It make it a bit frustrating if you want to search quickly for a place to eat in advance.

So my mission is to get Bristol’s independent restaurants and cafes to agree to logo their GF options or indeed- put a Gluten free option on their menu! We can then create a simple blog page with all those who have signed up!

Can you also do one better? Do you offer DAIRY FREE options too? If so – i will send you a separate logo and detail this next to your restaurant or cafe! Could you win the overall award for best allergy friendly eatery in Bristol?

See the Gluten Free Bristol list of Restaurants, Cafes and Buisnesses who have signed up here.

Quite simply, these are the rules:!


If you have a 3 course A La Carte menu- aim to put at least ONE Gluten Free option for each course. I.E, one starter, one main, one dessert.

Cafes/Lunch spots:

Aim to have at least one savoury and one sweet option on your menu labelled G.F for all to see!

You must download the Gluten Free Bristol logo from this link and put it on your shop window or counter, and on your website!


Both are just as important so we can identify you quickly!


It has been noted to me that it may be difficult to enable complete GF options or versions in some restaurants, but if you are able to still accommodate your guests by either replacing part of the dish- or using no gluten soy sauce for eg. Then you can still be part of the gluten free bristol mission but due to the new Gluten Free labelling laws you must ensure you understand how to label your products- Please see http://www.glutafin.co.uk/news/gluten-free-labelling/ and here.  This must simply be stated on areas of your menu for diners so that they know they can ask and visit your restaurant. Sometimes we avoid restaurants completely if there is no sign to accommodate!

If you do get involved please spread the word and message on Twitter#glutenfreebristol and on Facebook!

If you would like to get involved and do Gluten Free ‘your area’ give me a message in my contact form and i’ll send you over a specialised logo that you can but on to a blog with this same information!

The Mission has begun!!!