Vote to Nominate Wuthering Bites!

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Hello Wb Fans!

The Food Magazine Food Reader Awards are back for 2014, and although i missed out on getting the award last year i’m hoping this year to try again and secure an award for Best Food Blogger for the South West.
I’ve been working so hard on this blog for the past couple of years and I love sharing my stories about my wacky self on Wuthering Bites and it’s nice to have somewhere that i can express my passion for gaining more Gluten Free awareness in the U.K. I really hope things such as my gluten free recipes and tips and Gluten Free Bristol List have helped my readers.

I would love it if you could vote for my blog in the Food Mag 2014 Food Reader awards in the Best Food Blogger category for the South West. I hope that my constant dedication for providing you with good content on all social platforms, as well as this blog has earned a right to be nominated again for such an award!

All you have to do is click this link right here and enter in some other categories too. I know how tiresome these forms are, but if you do get time, i really would appreciate it from the bottom of my gluten free heart. <3

I’d also just like to tell you how much i’ve appreciated all of my followers support over this second year on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress- i’ve met some wonderful people!
Lots of food love,

Sarah x