With a lot of gluten free sugary snacks on the market- and in particular the brownie- i was very thankful to be sent a selection from New Found Joy to review but not crazy excited to try in comparison to new inventive gluten free like wraps and such. I couldn’t have been more wrong really. These truly are some of the best gluten free naughty treats I’ve tasted.

New Found Joy are a new gluten free company on the market, based in Ireland, who aim to produce delicious gluten free baked goods that taste just as good as their gluten counterpart in an 100% segregated gluten free bakery environment. Lovely. Let jump straight to the taste test…!

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My favourite treat pre gluten free has always been a caramel slice, and apart from being a bit crumbly on the base- the chocolate and caramel was spot on. Perfect with a strong coffee I reckon.

Gluten Free, diana delight. slice, New Found Joy

Diana delight- I’ve never heard of this type of traybake before but I gave it a whirl. White chocolate with marshmallows and coconut. A bit too sweet for me but if I found this in a cafe as a gluten free option out and about I certainly wouldn’t be complaining!

gluten free, new found joy ,chocolate brownie ,slice

Chocolate brownie- after many a chocolate brownie in my gluten free life it’s definitely a difficult one to judge. I think people have different opinions about what makes a good chocolate brownie, and I love small bits of chocolate scattered on top. I tried this warmed up with a dollop of clotted cream ice cream and it was a match made in heaven, tasted like chocolate truffle! Restaurants really have no excuse to not at least serve this as a dessert option over the typical go-to fruit salad;) – also when will airlines realise that good gluten free cakes exist?!

Last but not least is the Rocky Road. Oh mama. It may not be as chunky as you would like for a slab of rocky road but the mix of sultanas, marshmallow and biscuity crunch is just right.

It’s very difficult to tell the difference of these gluten free products in comparison to the gluten versions, aside a bit of a crumble in the biscuit side of things. I have no doubt they will succeed and I hope they continue to bring out more varieties as their business grows.

If you’d like to find out more about New Found Joy and any stockist information, head on over to their Facebook page!

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