Hi friends. I’m back.
The year break was needed, in my last blog post i said it’d be ‘months’ but that suddenly turned into just over a year. It was so easy to get accustomed to a new routine. I really did not enjoy blogging for a while and taking the break has certainly allowed me to research, live and love this world again. I’ve also got a shiny new website. (oooooOOoh)
Here’s a few things i hope to achieve from my Wuthering World going forward..
1. My blog isn’t just gluten free now.
My gluten free diet is something that has definitely been a journey for me, suffering from IBS is not fun. Especially when a minority of people believe ‘its all in your head’ most of the time – including medical professionals, and when people around the office think that that it’s ‘your thing’ and make it the everyday water cooler conversation. I know for certain that gluten makes me feel bad. I won’t be quitting recipe creations and recommendations for good, it’s just not going to be my focus. 🙂
2. Gaining a community online.
I know that most of my original following have moved on and thats A-O.K. I’m fine with that, i mean, if you don’t blog for a year you would expect to lose some audience over time. I’m feeling positive about starting a new one here, on Instagram @wutheringbites and in the ‘real world’. It’s going to be a challenge for me, as someone who suffers from social anxiety, but i’m going to document my journey and hopefully find some likeminded creatives along the way.
3. A happiness journey.
This ties in a bit with the above. I’ve really struggled to love my life and i’ve constantly found myself focussing on things that are just plain silly. Like follower numbers. It goes hand-in-hand with my job, targets and wanting to constantly improve but too much is unhealthy for me. Lost friendships and social circles because of my health which i continue to blame on myself. I get the panic and stress, like we all do.
I have a wonderful husband, fluffy pets that i adore, a house that is still intact and Nutella is still being produced. It ain’t all bad. 
Speak soon,
Sarah x