Gluten Free, Lemon Drizzle Cake, honeybuns

A lemon drizzle -ma nizzle. For rizzle.

It’s got to be Snoop Doggs favourite cake? Surely.

One of life’s fantabulous pleasures. I do love a good drizzle cake i do. PS: I couldn’t find my small loaf tin- so this is why my cake above looks like a slice. Forgive me.

It was the ultimate test really. After getting the Honeybuns Gluten Free Baking Cookbook (Pavillion) by Emma Goss-Custard  (how many people are jealous of that surname. I totally am); it’s the traditional recipes i love the most- so i headed for it pronto!

Honeybuns, Gluten Free, Baking Book, review

Faultless. I know that when my husband likes the cake then it is a winner. Rob doesn’t like sweet things that much, but he asked for seconds!

I just felt it necessary to mention this cookbook on my blog, as i know there are many bakers struggling with the experimental ways of gluten free, so i feel it’s a very good book for them to take note from. Plus there are pretty pictures to look at wonderfully produced by Cristian Barnett. It’s one of those cookbooks you can read page by page and never tire, a bit like Nigella’s How to be a Domestic goddess book, and that is high praise.

Honeybuns, Gluten Free, Baking Book, review, cakes

The cookbook features different sections, beginning with a mini guide to gluten free baking- which is helpful if your first thought of ‘sorghum flour’ is that it must be produced in space. Lots of details on how to experiment/alter recipes with different flours, which i love dearly, as this book WILL make you go out to buy a mass of different flours; sometimes you might not have an ingredient in the house.

Honeybuns, Gluten Free, Baking Book, review, healthcliff, wuthering heights

Of course i can’t leave this write up without mentioning one of my favoured recipes from the book: Heathcliff Brownies. “Like the romantic hero of ‘Wuthering Heights’, these brownies are dark and brooding!’

This book was given to me to review but by no means did it effect my decision of it. It was in my amazon basket before the review opportunity...