You read correctly.

This my friends, is where i would live if i could live in a restaurant. Atomic Burger

I feel it only fitting that i should do my write up now in relation to their support in the Gluten Free Bristol mission which some Bristol restaurants, cafes and businesses are finally jumping on board. Or in the context of this review, ‘finally jumping on the gluten free rocket.’ Not so much? How many space puns can i fit in a review?

The Bristol food bloggers had been planning this space mission of a visit for a while, and by a while – i mean as soon as i heard they were going to open a branch in Bristol the event was created in the space of a hyperbeam. Whatever that means. Fast.

Gluten free buns, comic book, cartoon, action hero memorabilia, catchy music and oh my godz a Barbie and Star Wars toliet. Ay Caramba! thats good.

I felt like i was five again. I never was one for barbie dolls. I was THAT kid that cut off the hair and twisted the legs till they fell off. Do you understand now why i am so crazy?

The menu is an array of delight. From an awkward allergy eater perspective, it is truly fantabulous. You pretty much have 50 % of the menu to choose from, which is very rare these days.

On taking our orders, my blogger friend Awkward Eater and i were addressed first, and informed clearly of everything gluten free that we can eat and everything we could not eat in the most friendly manner possible. To be told we could have a gluten free bun was just amazing. It’s rare to find.

So i damn well picked the Jake and Elwood burger (Blue cheese, bacon and onions), after weeks of deliberation staring, mind-numbingly, on the website. I had the menu link on stand by in my website browser for moments where i would think i made the wrong decision. I think many of the other bloggers can relate.

Our friend Nick (The Cider Blog) ordered the Fallout challenge, which is another thing all together. Triple burger stack with triple chilli fries. XXX Fallout Ghost chilli hot sauce. The deep fried double cheese & tomato pizza buns.

He completed it in 8 mins- the fastest!  Need i say more. He went. He conquered and he damn well got the T Shirt.

At this point Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights was played over the sound system and i actually thought for 4 minutes and 29 seconds of my life (is it sad i know that without researching?), that i was in utter heaven. If there had been a karaoke system i would have been on the tables, dancing wutheringly. Other Kate Bush songs are available.

My Jake and Elwood arrived and excitement lit over my face at the prospect of eating a burger with a bun huzzah. Clapping my hands like a child, i dived in.

Jake and Elwood, gluten free, burger, atomic burger

The gluten free bun was one of the best buns i’ve ever had, and it did look far better than the gluten buns! That’s pretty good going for an allergy option. They held together really well, tasted good and didn’t crumble. It was the element i was worrying about the most, a crumbly bun would have ruined that burger.

My burger was cooked really well- pink in the middle, and tasted superb against the tangy blue cheese, smoky bacon and sweet soft onions. The only fault is that i would have loved a bit more blue cheese… maybe i’m just greedy? 😉 I did also find the bacon a bit to frazzled to my tastes but this is only a small criticism of the dish.

I think i was the only one to not order fries? Mad i may be, but the salad was nice and crispy, fresh and with a nice sharp standard dressing- albeit a bit too much for me.

Atomic Burger is a wonderful addition to Bristol, it fits in marvellously for the crazy people like myself to enjoy. As other bloggers noticed, there are still a few teething problems, some people got over cooked burgers, not enough sauce and a starter was forgotten, but once these inconsistency’s are rectified, this will be the ultimate destination on Gloucester road for burger and other Americanised cravings.

As they are fully on board the Gluten Free mission i will continue to go back and try all sorts- will keep you updated here.

This is the place for fun, nostalgia and excitement.

The place where you take a first date to because you’re not sure what to talk about. You’ll both end up looking back and remembering that moment where you both fell in love next to a Thundercats mural.

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