Snack Attack! Gluten Free Crisps

Darling Crisp, gluten free, review

Most of you will know that when i want a Gluten Free snack, i usually opt for something sweet. Cake. My weakness. However since starting my new full time hours at work i’ve noticed that i tend to get extremely hungry- i think working from home gives me more access to eating more than just a Gluten Free Cheese and Ham sandwich for lunch so now something like crisps at work seems mandatory.

There are lots of Gluten Free crisps on the market, most being fancyshmancy ones, and lets not kid around they do taste the best. These Darling Spuds Crisps are no exception!

Lovingly Made

“Not only are our chips handcooked but also gluten free, vegetarian friendly,
completely free of any unsavoury GMO’s and 20% lower in fat than standard crisps” –Darling Spuds

Gluten Free, crisps, darling spuds,

The stand out crisp flavours here for me were the West Country Cheddar, Leek and Pink Peppercorns. These were amazing on there own and also, quite childishly smushed into a cheese sandwich, like i used to do at school with Walkers Cheese and Onion. The Sun Ripened tomato with Green Olive and Oregano were also spot on flavour wise, i would imagine these would also be a nice snack for guests at a dinner party- ooh la la! I had to give my husband the Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic Vinegar ones, as i really dislike Balsamic. He loves it, so it all worked out well. I really love how these crisps are Naturally Flavoured- that’s very important to me as a buyer and i think you can really taste the different in the quality of the ingredients used here.

Gluten Free, darling spuds, crisps. review, darling spuds

My only criticism would be that the bags are truly not big enough. But that’s just me being greedy. I think big share bags would be a good idea as i could happily munch on the cheddar and leek ones all day long at the weekends!

For more information on Darling Spuds and where to get them from visit their website and follow them on Twitter!

If you’d like a chance to win yourself 12 Bags of Darling Spuds, visit the Wuthering Bites Facebook page at the end of October for details of a competition! 

These crisps were send to me free of charge to review but did no way impact my thoughts of the product.