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This is Ash.

She’s mine and Rob’s (my fiance) new addition to the family.

We didn’t have too many plans yesterday, but after an internet advert for this adorable Bengal Cat, that certainly changed. We learnt one major rule: Do not underestimate the power of the internet.

Today however, I did have plans. To make a new recipe that I’ve been adapting for months: Cardamom, cranberry and dark chocolate blondies. Unfortunately i was succumbed to huge amounts of pawing on my lap, ‘kitten-walks’ over the laptop and the constant cuteness of course. I’m surprised i even got this post up, but lets just thank WordPress for the ‘save draft’ button.

Those blondies will come this week, but Rob will have to be on kitty supervision! By next week I’m determined to have Kitty quarters and cooking quarters separate; but for now..just look at that face!

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